Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thought of the day: Star News, yesterday: All about Sensitivity

At Ananat Nag (J&K), one unconscious leopard was brutally killed by Mob & while answering a question in Loksabha, The nation has seen frustration of Pranob.
Both are the living example of the level of sensitivity, responsibility, human values and understanding the basic issues, we are extremely and speedily loosing in our society as well as individual level.
Refereeing to the first news Star Channel described it as a result of increased confrontation between human and animal world due to decreasing territorial limits for wild animals and the problem of the Department of Forest to deal with the situation.
Day before we started not to complaining about the system but what about the machinery, which must be supportive to the system but some time, seems to act as the system. In most of the socio-economic problem, we forget to observe the systemic fault seems to fail in eradicating root cause of the problem, why it is so? No body seems interested to bother about because absence of the will to bear such Herculean task and using the available time for fulfilling self interest, while being in power.
Animals are always innocent and the man is the intruder. We have to learn that the earth is not only for human being, the Mother Nature is the creator of all life forms. We have to be sensitive towards nature and to learn to regard it as the all features of the nature are supportive to us.
The growing incidents of confrontation having the root cause at behavioral pattern generated by less awareness and education about the matter especially in those area where the animals are most vulnerable. It is a clear failure of our socialization mechanism.
On other hand it must be understand that all socio-psycho problems can not be dealt with the Government machinery only.
While starting OECEED’s work in the year 2000, after signing of WTO agreement after perceiving its effect on the underprivileged of the rural hilly society of western Himalayas, we started talking about the price hike assumptions with each and every person come in to our contact including administrators and policy makers. It was the time when every body responds with a strange feeling and as we are talking something irrelevant.
It was the time of visionary leadership of Honorable Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji, who positively responded and given time to hear the matter through a delegation send by us. The delegation presented the Concept Base of OECEED and demanded to act speedily on the reforms needed in cooperative sector to strengthen grass root economy in collective manner. He was kind enough to assure the delegation and after some time National Cooperative Act was reformed as per the real need although the transfer of real benefits out of the reforms is still awaited according to formulation.
Honorable Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the highest example of showing sensitivity about the peoples issue represented by a small organization like us.

On other hand Praob Da is become angry and rude while answering about the price hike of pulses, as the issue was very much sensitive to the poor, what to eat and how to eat? Although,he is a good administrator and human being.
All the above matters are related to the sensitivity and human values, we inherent or inculcated to us.
We appeal to everybody concerned, please ensure that we can live and live with clean water, air and affordable food available to us.
It is a sad day too, as the Chairman of the Delegation, met with the Prime Minister, Shri Bansi Das Mahant is passes away. He was then the President of the District Cooperative Union, Kullu (H.P), only by the virtue of his experience and sensitivity, he allowed us to work with DCU on the issue. We express our gratitude and deep feelings on this great loss.

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