Monday, November 30, 2009

Tought of the day

We are in ignorance of our pity needs and in the continuing denial of our Mother Nature’s  deeds.

No matter in what position and place we are if we are skipping from realities arising with life forces on earth and only say "what I can do "and feel it fine.

Life is too short even about we can think limited to a short period of time, Do we are going to left for our next generation only a gift of sad rhyme?

So many questions always bother me, how can a man sleep in peace without caring these? Many of us get proud to be Son of Himalayas then how can we ignore our part to polluting the things?

We do understand the foul plays getting in and we can’t go a long way riding on falls wings.

How can we be limited to our individual needs and continuing to putting in Air, Water and Soil, poisonous seeds?

We always ask to work the system for us and expect to reach  the destination by a charity bus.All these problems created by us needs to be solved only by us.

 We have to learn contributing our part and not complaining about only the systemic fault.

We have to learn to pay the cost and don’t look for any type charity; we have to learn about commercial viability and have to say no about subsidy.

We have to learn to talk about the Nation and dare to say no to any mental division.

Then we can be in peace and sleep, feel proud to be Son of Himalayan Soil in deep.